Absolutely amazing floating experience! Never felt so chilled out and without pain. The chill out room and extra facilities along with the welcoming atmosphere were all just part of the reason I’ll definitely be going back for more!!!!!

Sarah Tonin James

First float… really enjoyed. Feel so relaxed. Lovely clean place, friendly staff. Will definitely return!

Laura & Luke

First float… thoroughly enjoyed. Will be doing it again. Fantastic.

Wendy R

First float. Very relaxing. Feeling great afterwards. Will be back again. Thank you

Jamie R

Absolutely fabulous, i felt relaxed and peaceful. The staff were so welcoming and kind, i would highly recommend this ti anyone as my twelve year old daughter went aswell. The room also was modern and spacious and completely private. Being slightly claustrophobic i was pleasantly surprised with the internal light, peaceful music and the fact that the door could stay open. If i lived in the area i would go as frequently as possible.

Rachael Wright

Went for a float and came out so relaxed. Best thing for my achy joints. I will definitely going back

Eleanor Cutforth

First float as a BDay prezzie experience. Saw some really cool visions & images & feel really refreshed. Very much enjoyed

Mike N

First sauna & float. Loved both, booking up for more straight away. Fab place, fab staff, fab feeling.


No. 6 and it just keeps getting better