Special Offer – 3 Floats for £99 with An Additional Float Free (STC *)

This offer gets better. If you use all 3 of your floats within 3 weeks we’ll give you a fourth float for free.
Because we believe floating works… and its benefits are best felt if used frequently.


Our special package of 3 floatation sessions for £99 can be either spread over/up to a 3-month period,

or you could really make the most of floating and come once a week for 3 weeks and then get a fourth week absolutely Free!

*these offers are for one person to use; the weekly offer has to be taken over four consecutive weeks.

So What is Floating?

The basic idea of floating is simple. First you minimise or completely remove the sensory input to your brain. You just shut everything off – every signal to your brain from the outside world. The goal is to create an environment that allows for greater focus, deeper meditation, and more effective thought.

If you’re living a normal life, you’re in a constant state of hearing, seeing and feeling. Your brain is always scanning, computing, categorizing, and working away as it monitors your surroundings and your state of being.

Reduce Stress

Well trained monks have the power of a full focus, zero distraction mental state. The rest of us usually don’t. That is unless we’re floating. In a world where we are overrun with sources of intake that stress our minds and bodies, floating is the technology that will balance our state of overload.

Feel Calmer Better

Whether you’re floating to address anxiety and depression, improve athletic performance or decrease pain, or if you just want to expand your spiritual awareness, the most important aspect of the practise is to actually practise!
How often and for how long you float is an individual choice. Each person gets something different from floating it’s a very personal experience. Ultimately there’s no replacement for just hopping into a float room and trying it for yourself.

Follow The Swedes, Become Happier & Healthier

Floating is a therapeutic, enjoyable, and relaxing experience that everyone should be having on a regular basis (in Sweden there are over 120 float centres covered by their Health Service).

Don’t forget to try floating at least three times before you decide what it is to you and try not to have too many expectations. You will usually have your best floats when they unfold naturally without thought or direction.
There’s nothing more valuable than a healthy happy mind and body. The best stuff in life rarely pays dividends up front. Most of the return happens in the long term.

As you become more peaceful, more joyful, and more positive, that goodness will spread to those around you. When we float and create calm in our own lives, we create a ripple effect to everyone around us.