Acupuncture & Infrared Sauna Detox Therapy

Combined therapy to help you eliminate toxins and make healthy changes to your life

Only £99.Pay £33 deposit above to reserve your sessions.

Not Feeling Quite right?

Waking up feeling groggy?
Suffering from insomnia?
Overdoing food and drink?
Need to quit sugar, chocolate or coffee?

Week long course with treatments every day. Includes two acupuncture treatments and three infra red sauna sessions. Only £99.
relaxing on a sofaSeems like you need our detox package. We’ve combined two of our most effective therapies to provide a unique detox solution. If you’re looking to make positive changes to your life and need that kick start – our detox week is the perfect solution, combining the sweat inducing infrared sauna therapy with acupuncture – used for decades to help patients quit addictions and bad habits (smoking, drugs & alcohol).

Infrared Sauna

infrared saunaThe infra red sauna works by eliminating toxins, cleaning pores and killing bacteria that can’t survive hotter temperatures. Physiotherm Infrared penetrates up to 45 mm into the body and causes a resonance in the water molecules that surround cells. Because the infrared frequency matches that of the body, this resonance allows the water molecules to move more freely in and out through the membrane of the cells.

Many natural therapists will tell you that sweating is a great way to remove toxins from your body. Far Infrared therapy induces a considerable amount of sweat in most users in a lower temperature, comfortable environment.


Acupuncture - needles in backAcupuncture was first used to help in a detox environment over 40 years ago in a Hong Kong hospital to help addicts with opiate withdrawal. It can be useful in alleviating the physical symptoms of withdrawal and inducing a general feeling of well-being. Now you may be thinking I don’t need this – I’m not trying to quit heroine or smoking. Maybe not, but seemingly innocuous everyday substances such as chocolate, sugar and coffee can require huge willpower to overcome the physical and mental barriers to quitting and becoming more healthy.

What will happen in my sessions?

The first acupuncture session will include a 30 minute intake where we discuss your past health history and Tim assesses your health. After this you will receive personalised acupuncture treatment to help you on your detox path.

The program

Monday – 30 minute detox in sauna
Tuesday – 1 hour acupuncture session
Wednesday – 30 minute Infrared sauna
Thursday – 1 hour acupuncture session
Friday – 30 minute infrared sauna